This website is to introduce you to Psychic Readings and to Sheila A. Dial, C.H.


This is the link to where I display and market my hobbies in  making jewelry and making art work using copper wires, stones and beads.

Introducing a variety of modalities to help with living our lives to the best possible.  Finding our Divine Purpose.

  1. Tarot
  2. Numerology
  3. Palmistry
  4. Channeling 
  5.  Soul Realignment™
  6. Angel Realm Readings

Looking at your life, where you’re going, and where you want to be.  Sometimes we take a look at where we are and notice it isn’t the road to where we want to be and we need help to turn things around and head in a different direction.

Life is so beautiful.

We all choose where we are, and you can choose where you want to be. Life is set in flesh, not in stone. We can become what we desire. Better yet, we can become our Highest Purpose, just by the choices we make.  It’s just we need to take the time to notice our choices and desires of what we need and want.

I’m using a belief that we are an accumulation of all of our choices.  Choices are deliberate.  Our choices have created our behavior. We we don’t like what is going on in our life, we need to look at our behavior and those choices.

Our behavior is a result of our thoughts, and how they make us feel, and then what we did because of these feelings. SIMPLE.

I’m thinking ….. I’m feeling what my thoughts are causing…… then I skip off and DO.

As an intuitive person, I’ve done readings for my clients for years.  I see where we are.  We talk about why, and work through the process of what were we are doing.  It’s a beautiful process to do this.  It leads us to if we know where we are, we know where we’re going. It just takes us to take some time to look at what and where we are.  Our past gives us a look at where the future is.  Taking the time to do this helps us adjust our course in life.  To actively decide what we want and how to get there.

On my website, I will be posting different articles in the Blog-Blog-Blog pages  that I plan to help with choice making. Giving my readers a thought to stop and see where they are, and where they’re going.  It’s just a thought.  I hope if causes you to feel and evaluate. Then make choices for your highest path with how you act.

I know that path of least resistance is easiest. But usually isn’t the best.  I’m hoping we all find the best for our lives and our souls and our Divine Purpose.


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